Young Love | SebaCiel

Young Love | SebaCiel

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Young Ciel is determined to make his freshman year as peaceful and quick as possible. But what will happen when he meets Sebastian Michaelis, who just happens to have a thing for cute boys?

And even so, there's still quite a few people who happen to have their eyes set on the teen, but many of them aren't exactly looking for love.

All characters belong to their rightful owner, Yana Toboso, the author of the Black Butler manga.

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blgoddess blgoddess Jun 12, 2017
it's just a reminder that i'm already dressed for your funeral.
OpalAbernathy OpalAbernathy Dec 28, 2017
good first i thought this was william..than I read further and got more confused
blancana blancana Sep 17, 2017
More like you're gonna have sex with him 
                              We all know you want his big D
- - Aug 29, 2016
I do that all the time to my friend, he's too scared to even talk to his crush
Egotistic-Ciel Egotistic-Ciel Nov 05, 2016
I thought he bit him on the arm... I'll show myself out this time.
whildteens whildteens Jan 19, 2017
That's what I said before I tripped over a volleyball and and died