The Skeleton In Me

The Skeleton In Me

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On January ninth, 1996, a boy with an odd skeleton was unfortunately born into existence. With his homeless mother in need of cash, and too terrified to look at the child she gave birth too, she sold him to 'Mr. Father's Family of Freaks'; a popular circus show that obsesses over real-born monsters. This boy, born with no worth, sold into labor, and raised as a show, was taught that he was the mis-creation of man. He gives children nightmares, and make women scream, and never once was he told that it wasn't his fault.

His name, is Cousin Ignominy. The clown with a deformed body.

Bexley Valentino, an innocent seventeen year old, who doesn't believe in monsters, realizes just how important of a man Cousin Ignominy is. After seeing his show, and wallowing in her broken heart for the clown, she soon finds herself trying to break him out.

She wants to show him how important it is to feel. How important it is to admire the world, but it doesn't take long for her to realize maybe he was locked up for a reason.


"You don't kill. You don't kill. You don't kill. If you learn that, you will remember where your morals stand. Hit them, bite them, burn them alive, but don't kill. Don't you ever go that low."