Pack •Namjoon Hybrid•

Pack •Namjoon Hybrid•

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🤍Colette🤍 By MAOWKII Updated Aug 08

*Hybrid AU*

Hybrids where only something the wealthy and well off could own. To spend money just for the fun of it. However one would think their treatment would be at least semi decent due to their high prices. 


With underground fighting rings and trafficking of every which breed, a hybrids life is not one to be wishing for. 

Over the years organizations have grown to try to expose and help these poor hybrids find a better life. With advancing technology to track a needing hybrid and alert those around to help, their mission is to hopefully never have to rescue a hybrid again from such dangerous and awful conditions. 

Meet Choi Nahee, a division leader in the tech department for a company that rescues the more dangerous hybrids and tries to rehabilitate them into better families. 

What happens though when one of the most notorious underground fighting ring gets busted and a not so friendly hybrid gets taken in. 

With Nahee's ever growing business and stress is a antisocial hybrid what she wants? 

Or in the end is it something she needs.


This story has nothing to do with Any other books i have published. Thought the character names may be the same along with Namjoon's breed and similarities in the other's as well, it is its own story.