Batman and The Joker's Daughter (A Batman FF)

Batman and The Joker's Daughter (A Batman FF)

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Rory By fanclub Updated Jul 29, 2013

Chapter one

Emma stared at the steel bars, which blocked her view. They had been her life for the past six months, ever since she stupidly made her way to find Batman's hiding place. Now she lived in a box, or a cell in the middle of his dark cave. She slept on a small, uncomfortable bunk that took up 1/3 of the space. She didn't have anything else. A man Alfred, the butler, came with food to her, and every few days she got new clothes. The ones she wore now were dirty, but they usually got that way. She knew the way to the Bat cave and as long as Gotham needed him, she wouldn't get out. Tears began to prickle in her eyes as she remembered it. In the beginning she had begged him to let her out, but now she rarely spoke. Near her bed she kept a small pile of books, she'd probably read them three times each, and she rarely got new ones.

Emma encircled her knees and looked into the darkness were bats slept.

Footsteps came towards her, they sounded like the butlers. None of them sai...

fizzybottom fizzybottom Oct 08, 2015
Please write another one your first one was amazing I don't know why I rote not bad for me
- - Mar 05, 2015
*gets on knees* *looks up* NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
                              /Many hours later\
DarcysOpinion DarcysOpinion Jun 11, 2014
batman cant let her die or let her suicide cause batman doesnt kill, so hed feel very guilty for intentionally causing her suicide.
AndrewOlayvar AndrewOlayvar Sep 25, 2013
what if she do it now! seriously so what do you do think of you huh?
brethartloverfan brethartloverfan Feb 17, 2013
I luv batman my whole house is coverd in batman i have a 100000000000 figures of him and comics
brethartloverfan brethartloverfan Feb 17, 2013
I luv that story right another one plzzzzzzzzzz i read that story over and over again:D