Elemental Empires

Elemental Empires

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Sarah {on hiatus} By extasyelixirs Completed

A life shadowed by darkness.
A life filled with misery and hate.
A life not worth living.

 Such is the life of Mia Sangfwad, void of any elemental powers her existence is worth less than garbage. Every minute she is dealt a new card in life full of miseries and she knows all too well how brutally cruel life can be sometimes but when she is tortured enough, when hidden secrets are revived, the truth is uncovered and Mia's world is turned upside down, can she leave her past behind and retrieve back what was once hers? 

Not all is what it seems in the world of elements...

~72 in fantasy~
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Late__Nights Late__Nights Mar 13, 2016
I wouldve been ran away! Ion even care! I swear her fam dont care about her sooo why is she still there?
RealCupcakes123 RealCupcakes123 Mar 02, 2016
This is totally me. My eyes are so dark there almost black and I LOVE when it rains
Mbabaoye Mbabaoye Feb 08, 2016
Liking the elemental background. Its the kind of magic system I love to write about AND read about :)
purplebutterfly2011 purplebutterfly2011 Apr 15, 2016
My heart! Its just the beginning of the story and im getting pissed at this evil parent
Dsoulmate Dsoulmate Jun 06, 2016
Ooo  she has some powers, she just doesn't  know about it yet..
KatelynShadows KatelynShadows Feb 01, 2016
Wow her family is cruel. But I am determined to not let that get to me. Because everyone knows that I kind of have slight anger issues. And by slight I mean really bad anger issues.