Not Anymore

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This book is not edited, I'm going to wait until I have finished the book to get it edited so sorry for any mistakes.  "I don't want you," he growled at me, "I don't want some one weak, ugly, fat and pathetic like you as a mate." My heart tightened in my chest, I knew what was coming then he said the three words I hoped he would never say. "I reject you," he growled at me.  Libby is fed up. She's fed up of all the abuse she has got ever since her parents were killed in a rogue attack trying to protect her when she was 10. Her brother Danny hates her and blames her for their parents death and so does her whole pack, the only person she has is her best friend Amy. The Alpha to be Cole turns out to be her mate but rejects her. She can't take it anymore so she runs away and bumps into the Shadow Fire Pack. Two years later packs start getting attacked and the Shadow Fire Pack have been asked to help train a pack. What happens when this pack happens to be the pack Libby never wanted to see again. Will Libby every be able to forgive and forget? Read to find out.
@bluskies25 I love my parents I probably would've killed her I'm sorry omfg
I love it :) I don't care if it's not original at least it abd awesome writer
Wait wait wait! He makes out with her..AND rejects her. Well what am I suppose to expect? This is the first chapter. This sounds like an unoriginal story, for the first chapter. I hope it gets good, though.
hah. Cole is my ex-boyfriends name.. the way he yelled at her reminds me of the way he yelled at me.
no. you can't reject her because SHE REJECTS YOU! MIND BLOWN
Hey..can someone wanna go check out my book? /)-(\ it'd mean a lot
                                    By the way this book is pretty awesome!