Kelly Was Here (editing)

Kelly Was Here (editing)

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In the pleasant Town of Bedford, an old woman created herself a secret, a twisted and depraved way to get what she wanted. 
Kelly Anderson, a sweet girl with a wonderful family, seemed to be her latest prize in this perverse scheme. Trapped in a house of horrors, Kelly finds herself stuck with three other prisoners: a small boy, a strange girl, and a teenage boy that might just be her salvation or her downfall. 

Will Kelly's dad, the Chief of Police, finally string the clues together and find her? Or, will she be the next victim to fade away forever?  Will she remain sane and never lose hope? What do her captors want from her? 
Go see for yourself who survives in the House that evil built.

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Inspired by an episode of criminal minds

I was scrolling through the search, and I see my name on a book cover. Kelly. And now I'm hooked!
Your grammar is- if this chapter is to judge- probably better than a lot of books I've read, even when the writers first language is English. Good job.
Why is it that people whose first language isn't English are so much better at English? I mean, it doesn't happen all the time, but whenever someone says "bare with me, English isn't my first language", it has some of the best grammar on wattpad.
Apple_Ally Apple_Ally Aug 19
My friend Kelly is at a cottage rn and the description fits mostly what is happening to her rn
This book was so amazing!! I found the characters amusing and the writing awesome! The author is SO creative!
90sbambina 90sbambina 3 days ago
I love you and the story already! 
                              Criminal Minds has my heart.