The Quirks of being Carter's Sister

The Quirks of being Carter's Sister

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My face was twisted in contortion, and I held up my purple bra, dangling in my grasp.   "What," I breathed. "Is this?" Taking one look at my destroyed piece clothing, he burst out laughing. That's it. Screaming, I ran forward and started to grab his shoulders. His eyes widened, and before I reached him, his idiotic reflexes began. I ended up with pistachio ice cream in my face, and hair. Acne for weeks. This is just how my life is.


"OHHHHHH THAT JERK!!" -justanotherfan11

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Am I the only one who finds this adorable, I mean carter was looking out for his sister I just find it absolutely adorable
Guys only see me as their friends nothing more or the guys u dated used me to make other girls jealous so really they called me their girlfriend for a day then dumped me for someone