ENEMY || Hayes Grier

ENEMY || Hayes Grier

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Meet Ellie Hernandez. She is your normal 15 years old popular girl in her school. Funny, Pretty, Sass queen, Smart. She dyed her hair into dark brown and pink without second thought. Everybody adores her, but somehow never made an effort to look her best.  Every girl wants to be her friend and every boy want to be her boyfriend, well, except HAYES GRIER, yeah The Hayes Grier.

Meet Hayes Grier. He is your cliche popular boy in your school, he is on top of the school's food chain. Rude, Stupid, Harsh, Blunt, and mostly, the definition of hot. With his shaggy brown hair and bright blue eyes, he could make every girl do what he want. his father is his football coach, and that make him the Quarterback of his Middle School. everybody want to hang out with Hayes. No one dare to mess around him, well except Ellie.

Hayes grier and Ellie Hernandez, They never got along since the accident when Hayes left her for unknown reason. Since then, They always pull some prank on each other. They literally want to kill each other.

But, in the middle of the senior year, they got trapped in a camp as a partner. That means two weeks for them try to be civil with each other. In the other hand, Ellie secretly preparing some revenge for the one and only, Hayes Grier. 

So what will happen with them in the camp?? 

i mean, what could possibly gone wrong, right??

You next part where she said my lovely home i rolled my eyes
I would be like 
                              "YOU WANNA CATCH SOME HANDS BITCH IM READY SOMEONE HOLD.MY.WEAVE *beats her up*
e_tee_wee_tee e_tee_wee_tee Dec 26, 2016
Wow you know I really feel the enthusiasm in that "Yay." 😂
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And wtf is wring with being reminded of Justin beiber????? I get to see him in 14 days!!!!! Yasssss
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I don't mind grammar errors that much, but if it gets like, to much to where I can't even understand what is happening... Then yah, so hopefully it won't be like that!
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im reading this book cause i saw it on youtube and it looked really good :)