Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi)

Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi)

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AU where Levi is Eren's tutor and they end up falling for each other.

"Well, fuck." Of all the people to have a crush on it was an old, short guy who also happened to be my fucking tutor.

Basically Levi's Eren's tutor and Eren has a school-girl crush on Levi.

TaetaesHair TaetaesHair Oct 26
Eren: "Play it cool, Eren."
                              *trips and faceplants on the floor*
                              Levi: *spits out drink*
I'm wake up at 3 to 5:00 and if I'm tired I can't fall asleep 😅😓
I just read a fanfiction with him and Marco and I'm still not over it, I'm dead inside
School starts at : 7:30
                              Wake up at : 7:20 , never made it on time for drama first period, but she never really to attendance early so... 😅😅😅
Amazing how many people didn't know is was pronounced john the only reason i know it is because i found a magical vid on Youtube
me1me1me1 me1me1me1 Jun 27
His name is pronounced Jean. The only people who disagree watched the English dub, and why would you count that as a reliable source?