Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi)

Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi)

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AU where Levi is Eren's tutor and they end up falling for each other.

"Well, fuck." Of all the people to have a crush on it was an old, short guy who also happened to be my fucking tutor.

Basically Levi's Eren's tutor and Eren has a school-girl crush on Levi.

SamsMyBitch SamsMyBitch Jul 16
I'm offended, all of my friends say that if I was a character in AOT, I would be Jean. Why does everyone but Marco hate me? My name irl is Jean btw
kuuuudere kuuuudere Mar 18
30 minutes after the hour six.. would it kill to just say six thirty?
I remember I thought I did really really good on this on test. The teacher said the lowest score was a 3% and the highest was a 98%. I said "pshhhh, who's that dumba$$ that got a 3%." I got my paper back and I was like "oh" 😂😂😂
NtheBird NtheBird Aug 04
My lowest grade is gym (91%) because I don't like to participate. It would be lower but we have 50+ kids and 2 teachers.
I relate to this paragraph so freaking much it's not even funny.
Oh my god that annoys me so much. It's like how people say "me-ka-sah" instead of "me-kuh-suh" for Mikasa. Mike McFarland literally spoke to Armin's VA(with a translator), and she was laughing at how people pronounce it like the Spanish word for 'my house'.