{ Sonadow } My Emo-tional love connection

{ Sonadow } My Emo-tional love connection

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(Savannah) Shadow the hedgehog By Ghost-Of-Love- Completed

Heyo! I just thought I'd make something relating to the moods I've been in so this is what I came up with, hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

Sonic's P.O.V.

Life. A hard core assumption of reality. Or at least in my case it is. I guess I'm depressed though I wouldn't say that I'm badly depressed.

I guess things aren't as bright as they used to be. I think I'm finally facing reality the world that is cold. The truth, I cant believe I was so stupid lost in a land of eternal happiness.

Look at the results of that land. I'm glad I woke up, I'm glad that my eternal happiness has faded although some days I wish I could catch one last glimpse of that.

One last ounce of happiness to piece me together again. To bad that me has been lost a long time back. Looking at my wrists makes me more depressed.

I've gone emo, I remember how I used to taunt Shadow about being emo even if he wasn't. I now realize that I was very rude, very mean because that's the person I am today.

I guess I didn't underst...

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MikeDawn64 MikeDawn64 Apr 19, 2017
Please learn to spell, dude. You couldn't even spell "Isn't" right.
-charlie_charlie- -charlie_charlie- May 25, 2017
I'm such a coward compared to him... I can reach only up to 10 cuts in one sitting....
                              Damn my attention whore side is coming out
SilverOut SilverOut Mar 09, 2016
*laid, that's how you spell it not to be mean or anything. or u can spell it like u want ^_^'
Insomniwolf Insomniwolf Jan 24, 2016
Why stop me from killing myself when I'm already dead inside?
shiarial shiarial Oct 20, 2015
Oh,poor Sonia! She thinks this is her fault. And also,nice twist,now Sonic's an emo too. Looks like Shadow's not alone anymore in the emo rank.
cant1hang4 cant1hang4 Apr 01, 2015
........Kay are you going emo right now? Let me tell you it's not a fun experience!