Trapped With One Direction.

Trapped With One Direction.

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Olivia Ivy James is a normal teenage girl. Nothing special about her except one thing. Her mother is a millionaire after writing and publishing a world-wide books '50 shades' of 'Darker', 'Freed' and 'Grey'. If your thinking about a wonderful life she should have with all the money, clothes and gadgets blah blah blah... Then your wrong. Having a mother who is well known for writing pornographic books is not a good lifestyle. It's plain embarrassing.

What will happen when Olivia's life is in danger when a group of people break into their house and kidnap E.L James (Olivia's Mom) and is forced to live with a brittish boyband also known as One Direction. 

What could go wrong?

_shawnswife_ _shawnswife_ Apr 13, 2016
I dont think she would wanna sit next to harry then might as well sit next to niall hes more innocent
lovemeharder1804 lovemeharder1804 Dec 10, 2015
Mums tryna turn her into a slut! Harry is the new Christian Gray
GreenLondon GreenLondon Dec 03, 2015
Yeah because sitting next to a bunch of teenage boys while watching a porno is such a good idea
bailey_foust bailey_foust Jun 05, 2015
Ummm even though it would be awkward I would still sit there any day any night any time
Supergirl_00 Supergirl_00 Jan 01, 2015
I swear her mother did that on purpose.... cause those boys are hot af
artsychai artsychai May 05, 2014
I love it!!!!! Btw where did you get your book cover for it? It's the exact color I wanna die my hair, please help me and respond as soon as you can (: