Infatuated Desirée

Infatuated Desirée

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$HUB By Mayshygem Completed

3 - Forced relationship
3 - Skeptic
6 - Age Gap
7 - Stalked

Nights are not safe when the devils are out for hunting for their prey.
One should know that they are not supposed to mess with the devils. They can be perilous.
One is not supposed to steal from them, they don't forgive thieves. 

They don't allow you to mess with their brains, neither do they allow you to steal their heart. You did both, Desirée. And now its payback time.


Desirée, a 20-year-old orphan. Loving and caring by nature, which she missed in her tender age. 
A perfect combination of beauty with a golden heart. 
But her dreadful past leaves her scared and broken, turning her into a skeptical person.


Demon & Romano, 29 years old called "The Devils in Disguise". Both filthy rich, elegant and audacious. 
 Business Partners, more like sidekicks. Everything is common between them.
The icing on the cake, both enamored by the same girl. 

Will they be able to impress her or will they take her anyway.