Into The Wild ~ Book 3 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

Into The Wild ~ Book 3 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

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Book 3 - The Royal Blood Collection

Dahlia has been given a mission, one simple request from the benevolent king of province five. Find his uncle. Silas hasn't sent word to his family in over a month. The king believes that his uncle is fine, but Dahlia knows that he's worried.

Her mission is to travel to the unrelenting wasteland of province three. In the hot desert, Dahlia searches for a man that she believes doesn't want to be found. She knows that she was specifically chosen for her ability to track and locate people. She's made a name for herself, doing the jobs where others have failed. Her reputation stands firm with a one hundred percent strike rate. She does not accept failure.

Finding Silas and convincing him to return will create a whole new world of pain for Dahlia. Faced with a stubborn man, she wrestles with the thoughts that this might be the one mission where she fails. Believing that failure is not an option, Dahlia does the unthinkable. She breaks her cardinal rule, not realizing how much it will change her future.

Dahlia's rules are not meant to be broken, but sometimes it's worth the chaos it causes. She will learn that life is not meant to be bound into a rigid space of conformity and in doing so, open herself to an entirely different life.

**Book 3 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the books ~ Crimson Flame  and Command My Heart first.**

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