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Baekyeol: The Cracked Phone

Baekyeol: The Cracked Phone

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Republic_Of_Exo By Republic_Of_Exo Updated May 09, 2016

This story is about Baekhyun and Chanyeol's love story~ This story includes Baekyeol, Krisbaek, Taoris, and there will be more Exo couples~

vkook_Stilinski vkook_Stilinski 2 days ago
I feel like this is how they really met they exanged medical information amthen Chanyeol offered to have Baekhyun meet a SHINee member
vkook_Stilinski vkook_Stilinski 2 days ago
Started from the bottom (litterally) and now where here (confessing our love)
misseshype misseshype Mar 22
I feel u beaky
                              The same thing once happened to me during an exam when I was sitting right next to my crush and everything was silent you could just hear my stomach
speedloser speedloser Jul 08
if someone did that to me I would've beat they assss fymmmm 👏🏽 it's just a fanfic though and I lOVE THIS SM I RE-READ IT LIKE 10 TIMES
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why'd you hit your chest? Are you a gorilla? HARAMBE?? IS THAT YOU IN DISGUISE???