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Loving Freckles (Attack on Titan // JeanMarco)

Loving Freckles (Attack on Titan // JeanMarco)

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ᴏʟɪᴠɪᴀ   ᴍᴀᴅᴇʟɪɴᴇ By iamcalifornia Updated May 27, 2016

Jean, a junior in highschool, is just another ordinary guy.  He goes to classes, gets pretty decent grades, and gets into the occasional fight. After one of these "occasional" fights, Jean is sent to Principal Levi's office.  Being the great guy he is, Levi assigns Jean to clean the boy's locker room.  Jean begrudgingly grabs supplies and begins to clean. There, that ordinary boy met his perfect match, Marco.

Marco is also a junior in high school, but surprisingly, he and Jean have only crossed paths once or twice before meeting in the boy's locker rooms.  Marco is a complete sweetheart who helps anyone in need.  He, along with his friends, take Jean in and give him the friendship and love he needs.
Attack on Titan High School AU. Co-written with @NatStillLives. Cover Art belongs to its rightful owner. On permanent hiatus.

Marco, your legit  like 10 inches taller, or a foot for all we know
Tonights gonna be a good night.
                              *continues singing in class for some reason*
Bluberry-Chan Bluberry-Chan Oct 17, 2016
Well you kinda just broke his jaw....he'll probably be eating from a tube, much less talking
Taggin-random-peepz Taggin-random-peepz Dec 01, 2016
Umm you made a spelling error in this paragraph and I dont mean to be a grammar nazi but its boyfriend*
xxDark_Angel_ xxDark_Angel_ Nov 14, 2016
I have 8, but they rotate out so there are only six a day day 1:(a,b,C,e,F,g) day 2:(b,C,d,F,g,h) day 3:(C,d,a,g,h,e) day 4:(d,a,b,h,e,F) which just switch out amongst the 5 day week
Taggin-random-peepz Taggin-random-peepz Nov 30, 2016
like that is totally me except I just curl up in the fetal position and act sad