Blue Blood Babies

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Claire By Belimcfall Completed
There’s something wrong with me.  It’s hidden, under the skin where nobody can see, but I know.  I know, my parents know, and my baby sister Anna knows.  But that’s it.  Not another soul.  Not even my best friend.  Because there are some things you just don’t talk about.
Wow this is really well written check out my book to it gets really good can't upload until one person is a fan!!!!! Btw this soundsjust like the uglies series write on guuuuuurl!
This is soo good it is too bad
                                     That I can't wright this I am so jello us of u hehe ur Book is good and so is the sequal I just love it
Stumbled across this and decided to give it a read, the blurb caught my attention and since then, I've been hooked! such a great read, and different too, which is what I love!
@Belimcfall oh...ok.thx!btw,great story,really love it.u write and think outside the box!keep on writing!!!!!!!!!!!xoxo
It was alright but hard to read and understand. Nice job though.
Oh and it was kind of a mystery... I had a couple guesses of what the blue pill was made from, but once they talked to the guy at the security post, it clicked and I guessed it was their blood!!!! Haha.