Blurred Eyes ✔️(SLOW EDITING)

Blurred Eyes ✔️(SLOW EDITING)

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Sara, By sara_is_hungry Completed

Suddenly,  she woke up in a sea of oblivion. Maybe she knew who she was, but she just couldn't remember her past life.

Some parts were visible and clear while others were just a blurr to her mind.

She tried to go back, but it was harder than she expected it to be.

Was her family against her? Was her husband avoiding her?

Even though the answer to these questions is yes, they somehow believed that she will be a better person. They believed somewhere in the deepest parts of their hearts that Mia will come back again.

They loved her once in the past, and now, she was trying to make them love her again.

Will she succeed to do that on her own?

Don't you think that your relation with God should be a priority?

Long ways, long roads, but we'll get there...


an islamic story, full of halal romance, faith, and finding the path to happiness. which is Allah ♡

*Title by: @s10183 thank you for your help*
*Trailer by: @ReginaSeesU thank you so much*

**in spiritual #72(5/12/2016)**

snowangel26 snowangel26 Mar 20, 2016
The prologue is really nice & hope the story would be interesting...
Royal-Ex-Breezy Royal-Ex-Breezy Nov 23, 2015
The prologue is  awesomely done looking forward to read the rest
sara_is_hungry sara_is_hungry Dec 24, 2014
@AseelaFirdouse I am glad ;) I hope it won't disappoint you ;) have fun
AseelaF AseelaF Dec 24, 2014
The prologue is too good.. looking forward to read your storu
sara_is_hungry sara_is_hungry Dec 23, 2014
@BadiaaMais_63 hahahaha can't wait either !! bede a3rif what u think :)
BadiaaMais_63 BadiaaMais_63 Dec 22, 2014
oma oma oma love the prologue and adoore the trailer, can't wait  till I beginn xxxxxxx