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The World Now - H. S

The World Now - H. S

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Royal Flush By h0pefulxx Updated Feb 08


Angels and devils don't fall in love. They are two opposite beings, forces that never draw near one another. But God loved us, even in our horrible treacherous state, and I think I could finally understand why. I stared at this green eyed monster with this awaken realization not hitting me just yet. 

"I love you" his mouth formed the words but the sound never reaching my ears. His eyes sparkling seeming so happy but the thing neither of us knew is that our affection was doomed the moment we were born for one another. 

Star-crossed without even the slightest presence of existing. And I was okay with it as long as this beautiful, caring, gentle, man lived. I was a fool by rejecting the truth for my selfish pleasure and I wished so much he could forget this blissful feeling. I hated myself for this deep endearment I will always have for him. Here is the story of the world now, blood soaked and evil amongst it. But I would save it all over again at the sound of his 'I love you'


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All Rights Reserved only approved people who notify me about language change or to recreate my story are allowed only by my consent. @janivega is allowed to copy certain parts only because we are collaborating to make the third series. If you know of any novels, short stories or writings in general similar to mine or @janivega stories please notify me immediately. I have only allowed one user: @janivega to write similar to mine. thank you. Enjoy.

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