Save The Slave

Save The Slave

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1709, Edo Japan, two years after the Hoei earthquake, tsunami, and eruption of Mount Fuji. The fifth Shogun, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, has died, his nephew Tokugawa Ienobu succeeding him as War Dictator. Although the official slave system was abolished in the year 1590 thanks to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the undercurrents of the black market is at its strongest. Merchants deal in not only child slavery but illegal weapons, poisons, and large-scale thieving transactions. People call the capital "The Safer Edo," though deadly secrets still loom. Only now they know all too well how to hide. 

Iwa, a twenty year old maid in a well-to-do Edo household, is let off from her employer of thirteen years due to sudden circumstances. Now with no income, no reference and no belongings, Iwa is forced into the wintry streets of central Edo. Her identity as a former servant with an amputated hand makes finding work impossible, and her mission as a masked gunman of the night becomes that more in jeopardy. If Iwa were to freeze to death, all ground gained to rid child slavery in the black market, all the secrets and dangerous schemes she pulled in the past two years would've been for naught. 

To survive her wits need only be quicker.

Kida Yuuma is a fourth generation Mongol Muslim working as City Guard First Yoriki in Yamanote, Edo. Displaced by slavery in the West, his great grandfather, a locally famous Samurai, gained great acclaim amongst western daimyos. Having long since died, Yoriki Kida carries on his title and tradition of justice, which is changing by the decade. A time of religious oppression and riots, secret Christians lose underground churches to arson and lives to battery. The shadows only darken when children as young as two years old turn up drugged in both northeast and south Shitamachi. As death tolls rise and rumors of merciless vigilantes fortify, Kida is inspired to bring both traffickers and lawless heroes to justice.

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