Stupid Hormones, Hugs, and Him

Stupid Hormones, Hugs, and Him

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sallie By Tamedkiss Updated Aug 25

"I don't know what's wrong with me."

"I do," he whispered.

Using up all the courage I could possibly muster, I met his eyes. They were still the same green, but somehow, it appeared darker. It was darker, colder, and more determined. However, I was unfazed by it. I knew what he said next was for sure, the truth.

"You're in love."


For Elliot Darren, meeting a boy in the airport who wore mickey mouse ears and had a 'free hug' sign tied around his neck was not just a fantasy.

R_rubyK R_rubyK Oct 31
This reminds me... When I was 7 one day I prayed to God to wake me up the next morning with a crown and a real magic wand. I'm 14 now. Lol.
My girl!!! So close though bro. Everyone knows the prisoner of Azkaban is the best.
Can I marry this girl. Please??? I don't care if I'm female. She is awesome.
wiiitchmom wiiitchmom Nov 22
Hm. He has -2 points with me right now. Let's see if he can turn that around or not.
Snow White was smart? A fücking apple took her down like what do you see that was smart???
_terykah _terykah a day ago
I definitely know who Cole Stone is, but what book is Reece Carter from?