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C. Swarovski By CSW1995 Completed

Mature Content [Ages 17+] ABV, Bk 2. [It can be read on it's own]

Isobel is a bridal dressmaker and high school drop out with the genes of a vampire hunter. What will happen when the resident Hunter of the Vampire Palace comes to kidnap her? Maximus is notorious for his kill count of vampire hunters. Will Isobel become another number on his list or will she become his slave?

*Available on Amazon as an Ebook for $2.99 if you'd wish to purchase it and own a copy of it yourself. To find it search for CSW1995 or my name Christina Wisniewski*

  • abduct
  • blood
  • fight
  • hunters
  • kidnap
  • leather
  • love
  • master
  • palace
  • prophecy
  • romance
  • slave
  • supernatural
  • turning
  • vampirehunter
  • werewolves
mapapama mapapama Sep 03, 2016
miauww, sounds feisty! But why doesn't he get a dress from the shop?  :|
Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Sep 05, 2016
I have a feeling this is for more than a wedding dress
Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Sep 05, 2016
There are many things I'd like to do to you, but all of them revolve around you dying
attack-on-fanfics attack-on-fanfics Oct 04, 2014
he he it actually is Claudia, but he's more on the cute side haha :3 im sure I will be reading lots more in the future
attack-on-fanfics attack-on-fanfics Oct 02, 2014
you have AMAZING writing skills! Thanks for using the name Claudia in chapter 9 haha. (my boyfriends name is Maximus so I found it hilarious how much of a coincidence it is) best of luck!
PimolrukPopra PimolrukPopra Sep 24, 2014
will Xavier get his own story too? or is it just Darius and maximus?