Prince Darrius

Prince Darrius

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C. Swarovski By CSW1995 Completed

Mature Content [Ages 17+] ABV, Bk 1.

Prince Darrius always gets what he wants, and in his world, humans are slaves to his kind. Vampires. He kidnaps a human girl, Jennifer, because her parents - both vampire hunters, are giving vampires all around the city, a major dose of hell. Jennifer will learn to become strong in the face of her captor who refuses to let her go, after all, unknown to many and including herself - she will become a very important figure in the struggle between the supernatural world and the human world.

*Available on Amazon as an Ebook for $3.99 if you'd wish to purchase it and own a copy of it yourself. To find it search for CSW1995 or my name Christina Wisniewski*

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Sgoertz Sgoertz Feb 19
Humm. Hopefully she had a really long towel or else she should have been worried about flashing everyone while carried over his shoulder.
RoxanneBurger RoxanneBurger Jul 10, 2017
I wonder if they were a actual thing would be shitless scared or what, bcz these fanfics make me feel all types of things lol 😂
TheDarkstache TheDarkstache Jun 29, 2017
I thought vampires didn't have reflections? Is it just for added emphasis of the 'trouble' she's in?
ishikasingh2530 ishikasingh2530 Mar 30, 2017
don't like the cover, but story is great & I like it .....pls change it. better than it something unique
takenbyjonathanCM takenbyjonathanCM May 21, 2016
I'm excited I'm excited I'm excited!!!! Oh god you're such a great author I love you so much!!! I can't wait to read this!!
Hannahgirl02 Hannahgirl02 Oct 31, 2016
you have a thing for shirtless men in leather pants don't you?