My Life as a Homophobic Homosexual [BoyxBoy]

My Life as a Homophobic Homosexual [BoyxBoy]

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Will Francis has always considered himself normal. He had good physical characteristics and bad ones. He got acne. He was B average. He was in some school activities. He had some friends and went out occasionally. He was gay, too, but in his town that wasn't as exceptional as it once was. Though there's something about him that is definitely not normal.

He's also homophobic.

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Well I'm Jewish so I knew about it there were some stories that I heard about nazis that turned out to be Jewish (and yes nazis were afraid of the jews thats why they wanted to kill all of us)
tealungs tealungs Mar 09
Do you understand what homophobia is? Don't take it via the surface-based analysis. Homophobia is defined as the aversion and/or hatred towards homosexuals -- also known as LGBTPhobic.
FiveSummerection9 FiveSummerection9 Jun 09, 2016
I don't rly know if I'm straight or bisexual!! I don't think I'm lesbian cause I still like boys but kind of girls too!!!
-HeroesOfOlympus- -HeroesOfOlympus- May 10, 2016
Thank you for saying this! It's the same with ADD and ADHD. People are like, "oh, I, like, hate school so I, like, probably have ADHD." No. You don't. It's just so dumb. But thank you for getting it.
This is so cute. I have an unhealthy obsession with gay people. They'll soon have a phobia of me
bourbonwong07 bourbonwong07 Jul 12, 2016
Oh, wow. That was a really good start. My perception on homophobes and anti-gays have been greatly enlightened. You are good, Amazing!