Neighbors. A Sabriel Fic.

Neighbors. A Sabriel Fic.

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RandomActsOfSambriel By L4rry53v3r Completed

A human!Gabriel normal life!Sam apartment!au  <did I do that right? Idek

Sam Winchester, fresh out of college, was living happily in his apartment, until he met his neighbor who seemed only there to amuse him.
Gabriel Novak, an art major, just couldn't live his life knowing someone didn't like him.

(Mentions of Destiel.) This beautiful cover was created by  the wonderful Hephestia-Violet!
I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters.

I do not own any part of supernatural

EliteEidolon EliteEidolon Aug 18, 2016
Honestly I'm such a sad person. My first immediate thought when I read the name Copernicus was the villain from Jane Blonde
Aria_Winchester003 Aria_Winchester003 Sep 16, 2016
And what's funny is that I had a 'Nasty' crawl up my pants yesterday, and I flung it in my pool lol poor thing
pain-in-the-cas pain-in-the-cas Aug 19, 2016
Thank you for writing this. I can't sleep, and this is making me happy.
_saltynoodles_ _saltynoodles_ Dec 08, 2016
already started and you already hit me with some fresh jokes
InASea_OfShips InASea_OfShips Aug 15, 2016
                              I just killed a lizard
                              Put a bat against its heat
                              Beat it shitless, now it's dead
KaranChan KaranChan Mar 27, 2015
I want you to're 15 votes away from 1000 on this story.  There are eighteen parts....I'm gonna like 'em all and get you to 1000!  You deserve it :)