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gallantry By gallantry Updated Apr 26, 2016

There's seven of them. 

     Six guys, one girl. 

     Together they model for an agency.

      Feisty is the girl, beastly are the guys. 

     But together they can either save, or destroy the entire existence of a certain race. 

     A race of which- they thought only consisted of seven.

Werewolf  | Mystery |  Mature-ish
All Rights Reserved gallantry
Cover by VaineLuchia

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Mischticat Mischticat Jun 03, 2017
*was secretly hoping to see a midlife crisis on wheels so could make a witty comment*
CjVisser CjVisser Mar 25, 2017
Umm gust to point out he's a gold so mr and Mrs gold are his parents his real parents not the two others who donated dna
Whovian13957 Whovian13957 Sep 15, 2016
And then I fall flat on my face, embarrass myself and avoid his gaze for the rest of my existence... This has not happened to me... Multiple times... 😅😣😭 Life sucks.
shamelessshank shamelessshank May 24, 2016
Being a model doesn't entirely require being pretty specially for high fashion.
deestielluv deestielluv May 29, 2016
It's only been what, 10 minutes and she's already asking personal questions. 10/10