The Sword ( Naruto Fanfic)

The Sword ( Naruto Fanfic)

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narutofanwriter1 By narutofanwriter1 Updated Mar 22, 2015

Karai Sharanai is a girl who has been through  a lot of things. Sad ....things. She is also very...lets just say Legendary. Never heard of the story  of The sword? Well read and find out what happends through her tragic life.  The life that she goes to konoha,joins a team, and   enters quest that maybe even she cant answer. 

       Secrets are hidden, people are seeking, and blood is spilled. What will truley happen in the story called 'The Sword'? Will she stop being a cold hearted girl? Will she know what true love is.....?

 I Do Not Own Naruto

That description remind you guys of anyone else *cough*uchiha*cough*
This person is very like me, except the "unYouthful things" part.
Oh great....we have another sauske in our hands....
                              BRING IN OROCHIMARU
What is up with all the ..... just end the sentence with ONE period
VenusTang7 VenusTang7 Feb 12
Just like me excluding the last part. Last part doesn't fit me
sakuhun sakuhun Dec 23, 2014
                              Third Homage: "Why where you at the gates?"
                              karai:" I don't know..I was bored.."