Every Saturday

Every Saturday

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girl2257 By girl2257 Updated Mar 05, 2015

When I finish the last bit of beer, I hold the bottle upside down.  "It's all gone."

"It's all gone," she confirms, a serious expression on her face.   "What do we do?"

She looks at me expectantly, like I know all the answers to life, even though I'm so drunk, I can't even think straight.  I have no idea what I should do, but I sure as hell know what I want to do.  

And even though I shouldn't, I really shouldn't, I lean forward until our foreheads are touching, because that's what I want to do.

"This," I whisper, and press my lips to hers.


Nate's the school player; he gets any girl he wants, when he wants.  When Aubrey, the hottest, yet sweetest, girl he's ever met, transfers to his school, he thinks that he's in for a good lay.  But after spending a drunken night together, Aubrey offers him something he doesn't expect, and can't refuse - a friends with benefits relationship.

They click surprisingly well, so when Nate finds out why Aubrey is always so uptight, he decides that he's going to help her loosen up a bit.  So every Saturday, he comes up with something wild and exciting for her to do.

And every Saturday, they fall for each other, just a little bit more.

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rmslxy_ rmslxy_ Jul 23, 2016
girl2257 girl2257 Mar 08, 2015
haha i was actually obssessed with those books in middle school...but her name is aubrey, and im pretty sure i would get sued if i used massie's name :(
pristinkyung pristinkyung Mar 08, 2015
Block? like Massie Block? The leader of the Prerty Committee in the Clique Series? possibly the best book series ever other than Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson?
Up_SiDeDoWn Up_SiDeDoWn Mar 08, 2015
I would like to thank my deafness for not letting me turn around, also my eyes for looking forward, and last but not least I'd like to thank my head for not turning. Thank you and may God bless America * does hunger games sign *
shootingforthestarz shootingforthestarz Dec 30, 2014
This book is getting awesome. Loved the last sentence by the way