The Sand Blossom

The Sand Blossom

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What if the Uchiha massacre never happened?
What if Minato and Kushina didn't died?
What if Orochimaru stayed on the right path?
What if the Akatsuki weren't the bad guys?
And what if Sakura Haruno was a Sand Shinobi?

Will this be the start of a love story?
With who?
And how?

Hi! My name is Evelyne, this is my first book so I'm not sure how this will turn out. 
U will probably think that the characters will be ooc and if it bothers u, don't hate plz.
The second chapter will probably be a ship poll. (Which was useless, u'll see why)
But I won't do canon-ships (maybe ShikaTema)
I'll write in the chapter's title when the poll will be "stopped"
⚠️This is NOT a GaaSaku story⚠️

Also, there will maybe have some grammar errors 'cuz I don't originally speak English.

Thx to u, who is still reading this and will maybe read the book!

✿ I don't own Naruto
✿ I don't own the cover (but I modified it)
✿ I only own the plot

I'll update every week or earlier and if I don't, it's because I can't or I didn't finished the chapter.

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