Different, But Beautiful » Lashton

Different, But Beautiful » Lashton

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卌 Hi! I'm Alex 卌 By HiOrHeyLashton Updated Mar 09, 2017

❝Being different isn't a bad thing, it just means you're brave enough to be yourself.❞ 

Ashton Irwin isn't like most people. He doesn't dress with skinny jeans and band t-shirts while talking about video games and going with the flow. He doesn't go to parties and get drunk or smoke or inject illegal things. He's a routine-loving, socially deprived teen, who is known to be the most awkward person in his school. 

 But what makes him this way?

You see, regions of Ashton's brain are rewired differently from other people resulting in a disorder known as Asperger's, which is better known as Autism. 

Although some people that know him well think he's interesting and lovable; like his brother Harry, others see him as either a freak or just plain weird. All they see is that he's different, and different is never accepted anymore. 

Well, that was until Luke came along.

Luke saw Ashton as different, 

And Luke thinks different is beautiful. 

[Warnings: BoyxBoy, Strong Language, Sexual Situations, and Mentions of Abuse]

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AllyCat- AllyCat- Jul 28, 2016
                              I WANNA SEE YOU BE BRAVE
Emzy01 Emzy01 Jun 21, 2016
Ok so I haven't even started this story yet but just the idea of it is great! My brother has autism so it makes me happy to see stories about it 😁
AllyCat- AllyCat- Jul 28, 2016
Hazza? Or..... Harry?
                              That question Totes McGoats makes sense
Bloody_vampire_Queen Bloody_vampire_Queen Jun 27, 2016
Im happy to be myself but i have estropia and thats hard when people judge you every second
mixofpotions mixofpotions Jul 05, 2016
I've read this story on my old account but I completely forgot what's happening in it so I have to reread ):
Misfitofthemoon Misfitofthemoon Mar 18, 2016
Just so you know Aspergers isn't also known as Autism, It's a type of Autism, people who have it don't refer to it as having Autism because there are many types of Autism not just Aspergers :)