Traitor (Traitors and Patriots)

Traitor (Traitors and Patriots)

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Ugo-Peter By achilles22 Updated Mar 16

In the aftermath of The Purge-a gendercide perpetrated by a female rebellion to install a Matriarchal government, more than half the population of men are dead.

Seventeen-year-old Raven has never seen a real boy before; not the servile eunuchs that dominate the lowest caste of her society.
Only one thing matters, beating her evaluation to succeed her mother as the next Prime Matriarch of the Republic. She is the prime candidate, the only natural born child in a city of millions. All her life, she has been trained to uphold the traditions that have seen men castrated for servitude or harvested for procreation. Everything seems perfect, until she witnesses her father hanged in public by a woman he loves for a crime that makes no sense.

Ghost McTavish survives in Trump's outpost- one of the last settlements holding the remnant of fertile men that had survived the purge. He lives only for two things, hunting for old-world relics to barter for water and antipollution pills, and his crippled little sister, Tulip.
Disappearances and rumors of man-hunters stealing fertile men abound in his community, but none hit closer to home until a costly mistake opens his enclave to a raid. All the men are taken, the women hanged as sympathizers, and his little sister abandoned to die amidst the decay.

As Ghost risks the steep ramifications of gender violence to find his little sister, Raven makes a terrible choice that sets her against her family and the capital punishment of a society built on gender hatred.

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