Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC)

Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC)

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Safira Abrams By knagirl16 Completed

Mori, a host at the elite Ouran Academy, is the strong, silent type. But when Sakura shows up, all hell breaks loose. 

An old friend of Mori's, all of a sudden she's showing a whole new side to Mr. Morinozuka, which has everyone's heads spinning. Who exactly is this girl? And how close exactly IS she with Mori?

PSA: to all those concerned with the spelling of Mitskuni's name, in the manga (English translation) it is spelled "Hunny," which is how I spelled it in most of the story. I switched the first few chapters to the spelling "Honey," but after cross-referencing several of the books, I decided to keep the original spelling. I apologize if this causes any discomfort while reading the story, but please overlook it if it does bother you.

moonflowrr moonflowrr Jun 22
know how I know him so well? MET HIM AT THE BACK OF KFC! I farted and then he walked up to me," fries with a twister?" I was like, "holy shiz bruh yeah!" and now we are best friends!
- - Jul 07
In the manga he talks as much as the this is not surprising.
Tlremember that scene in one of the episodes where one girl is talking to Mori and is "You have someone already special to you" Mori just stayed silent the girl took that as a yes and ran what if we are her
IGot7_Trash IGot7_Trash Dec 10, 2016
The word 'banter' got me to chuckle!!!!not very usual for me!!