Beautiful Scars [1] ✔

Beautiful Scars [1] ✔

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Katlyn DeRouen By RandomNugget14 Completed

The face is normally the first thing a person sees when they look at you. Physical appearance is what makes the first impression. But what if you had a horrendous physical appearance- would you be able to withstand the reactions of those around you?

Sophia didn't know nor care about physical appearance, until she found herself in shoes she wished she wouldn't have fit in. Being the only survivor in a tragic house fire murder, Sophia is forced to bear the emotional and physical scars of the horrific event.  Forced to move to a whole different state with a person she barely knows, Sophia comes face to face with judgement and bullying, but much to her surprise, eventually surrounds herself with people who accept her for her. But like everything in life, darkness and light come hand in hand, and through a whirlwind of romance, heartbreak, fate, and tragedy, Sophia will learn what the true meaning of beauty is, along with unmasking her parents' killer in the process.

© June 2014-February 2015
COVER MADE BY: @soundthealarm

First Published: June 18th, 2014
Revised: June 17th, 2016

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