The Bird That Couldn't Sing (GBFF)

The Bird That Couldn't Sing (GBFF)

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Tori By AnnoyingAuthorLady Completed


A lost soul in a sea of anguish and confusion, Sang floats alone, and the treacherous waters around her are starting to consume her; she's beginning to sink.

In fact, she's been slowly sinking further and further into those dark depths since she was a child--ever since the abuse began. Ever since her voice was stolen by her stepmother: a jealous, envious woman who wanted what Sang Sorenson had, what the evil woman hadn't: a voice like an angel. 

Sang's voice is gone, the only thing she ever truly cherished. And she's starting to drown in the waters that have been rising rampantly inside her chest, but can she be saved? Is their hope for a rescue boat?

Can a group of nine handsome, loving, charismatic boys be the reason Sang Sorenson rises to the surface? Will they be her life jacket, or an anchor to drag her further into the profound depths below?

Can the bird without a voice finally sing once again?


This is an Academy fanfic. I don't own any of these characters. They are all creations of the amazing C.L. Stone, and they all belong to her. Though, you don't have to read 'The Academy' series to understand this book. It can definitely be read as a stand-alone. 



Be warned, there is mature content in this book (i.e. most likely sexual content, swearing, and abuse). So, if you're uncomfortable with that, then don't read this.

Also, this book will get worse before it gets better. (It starts off pretty sad.)

But there is a happy ending and LOTS of love! 😉😁