A pyre of dreams (Bloodlines 1)

A pyre of dreams (Bloodlines 1)

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The Queen Of Shadows, Moonlight And Stars By TheShadowEmpress Updated May 08

Dreams have been spun since the beginning. Spun by great minds Dreams are the only thing that connects us. Dreams and magics and nightmares. 

The world was named and spun by cosmos herself. A goddess. From the Weaver of fates, tales of gold are told. Goodness and light were created by darkness was born. And now a great darkness awakens and kingdoms are split. It's up to the remaining kin of light to save it. But with empires against empires. Battles and wars. Foes against allies with only one question unanswered, who will win?
But one thing is clear,  every soul must taste war. 

From evil kings to wicked queens to cunning thrives to deadly assassins and useless vagabonds this saga is now beginning when the word thought it ended. The gods are dead. Legends are faded. Crumbled into dust and stars. The universe needs heroes.

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