Astrid the Devil - Part One: Astor The Immortal

Astrid the Devil - Part One: Astor The Immortal

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Trey Briggs By treybriggsthewriter Updated 13 hours ago

Astor Snow is uneasy.

Her husband has been missing for what seems like forever and no one else seems to care. Everyone is too consumed with hiding things from her, or convincing her to prove she's immortal. Everyone else just wants to see her burn or drown.

She deals with a rare disorder called Devil Syndrome. It means she can't produce tears, doesn't need to eat, and never has to worry about aging. It also means something she doesn't quite understand yet, but she feels the implications of it in her bones. With a murderous mother on the run and a husband possibly lost at sea, Astor isn't sure where she stands in a world of hidden but loud threats. 

Astor Snow is panicked. 

Every now and then Astor's children say odd things. Sometimes, they seem even less human than she is. 

Her best friends watch her every move. She gets her blood drawn and has a slight feeling that something inhumane is being done with it. Astor is surrounded by people concerned with her well-being just a little too much to be considered allies. 

Astor Snow is targeted.

And she has no idea just how long her hunter has looked for her.

Astrid the Devil is an ongoing tale of generational doom. It's an in-depth look at the lives of a few good friends, their own clashing personal struggles, and the struggle to keep from becoming the monster you just might be. It's a story about the ocean, the uncertainty of friendship and love, and maintaining hope throughout madness.  It's the story of a predator that won't stop at one member of your family. It wants them all.

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