Guilty (BWWM)

Guilty (BWWM)

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ShanitaG By ShanitaG Completed

A crooked cop with a wandering eye, a wife succumbing to temptation, a deadly crimeboss with his eye on a new "territory", and a set up gone awry.  All of which is the perfect recipe for disaster. 

Detective Richard Morrison was known to his collegues and community as an honorable man.  In the eyes of others, he was viewed as an upstanding citizen with not even parking tickets on his record.  However, as the saying goes, looks can be very deceiving and soon we find out that Richard is a far cry from his outward persona.  His employment with the notorious Bleu soon entangles his wife, Corrine, into the dealings leading to an unexpected turn of events

Follow along as the twists, turns, and tangles of this story reveal the many secrets, betrayals, and deceptions hidden behind Corrine and Richard's marriage.

This story contains sex, violence, and racial themes. If you aren't comfortable with those things, do not read this story.