13 Survivors

13 Survivors

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Evan A Jordan By Evanajordan Completed

This story of survival begins on the wing of a plane floating in the Pacific Ocean. 13 castaways pushed to the edge by dehydration and starvation wash ashore on a tropical island covered in a living forest inhabited by mutated plants and animals. Desperate, delirious and bloodthirsty, in the jungle the survivors encounter another tribe and the two clans resort to a series of morbid and cannibalistic clashes for survival. 


Cover art: @canadianhayes

  • adventure
  • apocalypse
  • castaway
  • dystopian
  • goodreads
  • island
  • lost
  • murder
  • scary
  • scifi
  • shipwreck
  • slasher
  • survival
  • survivor
  • teen
  • thriller
  • trapped
  • wattys
  • youngadult
  • zombie
genusherb genusherb Jun 12, 2016
When I first saw this story I think about the walking dead. Weird right? hahaha
DouglasWeeks DouglasWeeks May 30, 2016
To bad everyone of the theories he based that on were proven wrong.
rvjoswick1 rvjoswick1 Jul 11, 2016
Ezell Sandford must be one of those fanfic readers. I'm impressed with your introduction and will definitely put your book on my new reading list to read as soon as I soon as I finish the one I'm currently reading!!! I'm excited to read it!!!
ryance93 ryance93 Nov 13, 2015
I agree with AlexanderAkem, the description is on point. I will definitely look into this one!
AlexanderAkem AlexanderAkem Sep 22, 2015
without reading the first chapter you introduction has got me intrigued, +2348168870668 you can add me up on whatsapp if you like. i know deep down that survival is gonna be awesome, i'm not hitting on you in any way
Evanajordan Evanajordan Jan 24, 2015
@DmitriKompkoffAnders thanks. Hope you  enjoy. I've  also started  posting a new story, Winnower