Loving Them Both (Complete)

Loving Them Both (Complete)

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First off my name is Kay Anderson. I'm 17, a senior in high school. I'm a plus size girl. Sometimes I have self-esteem issues, but my dad and my twin best friends are always there for me. It's not too bad till the point I feel disgusted with myself is just to the point I think that no man will ever love me. 

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My best friends names are Devon and Devin Moore. I secretly love them both, but they have a girlfriend. They deserve better then her. I know y'all asking well who's better for them? Me or someone else that'll make them happy. Now on to the story. 

"Baby girl I have to head to the office earlier then expected. You know where everything is. There's money on your card to order you something to eat." He said. I nodded laying back down. I don't pressure or complain when it comes to my dad because he's done everything for me. 

"It's okay. Go do what you got to do. I'll be fine." I assured him. 

"I'll be home late tonight so you don't have to wait u...

    I can tell imma like this book, this whole first chapter is wild😭
                                  Messing with the same girll
                                  I see a threesome in the future
    Bro this is one of my favorite books so keep doin wat u doin
    Damn can I make it to chapter 2 before we start wildin'? 💀
    SavageTITI SavageTITI May 02
    Oh so you love her but doing this to her?! Tf nigga?! That's so jodido.
    Nah. I've been on the deep side of wattpad so this shid right here ain't nothing