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"Leah, no one lives life to the fullest. That is a myth. Everyone experiences a downfall, and the unlucky ones experience multiple downfalls. If everything in life were good, then life would be too easy."

When painfully envious and brutally self-conscious Blake Maxwell falls in love with his best friend, the carefree and ethereal Leah Simons, he begins to face a multitude of issues. But, when Leah begins to piece her own feelings about her supposedly best friend, the Gordian knot of their friendship constricts them further.
Blake Maxwell and Leah Simons have been best friends since Leah moved to San Diego during kindergarten. They are inseparable, and they tell each other everything. Leah is the carefree, loving friend that Blake is in need of, but their feelings become more convoluted after one fateful vacation. 
Blake has always been attracted to the wonderful and spiritual Leah, but how will he and Leah deal with their complicated emotions and their friendship? Will the two sacrifice their friendship for the perfect match, or will they realize that perfect is not all that attainable? 
A story told in four parts, Limerence displays the complications of falling in love with your closest friend and the struggles adolescents face today when discovering their role in their world. 

This is not a fanfic!!

I update every week, and I typically release one to two chapters per week.

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