Tears Of the Great Wife!

Tears Of the Great Wife!

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Triha Tadena By TrihaTadena Updated Nov 23, 2016

Being Love Of the one you love is Heaven.

Being with the one you wish to be is Happiness.

Being happy in the side of your Love is being Contented.


Being hate Of your love one is Hell.

Being with your Love one that makes them feel SUCK is Sadness.

Being happy in the side Of your Love that don't feel the same way is Selfish.


I feel this BOTH.

I feel happiness everytime my Eyes caught him.

I feel Contented everytime his on my side.


I feel hell cause he hates me a LOT.

I feel Sadness everytime he IGNORES me.

I feel Pain because I know very well, that my Husband could never look me with love..

But How could I let him GO?

If I know his my EVERYTHING.

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