His Charming smile Phillip x reader

His Charming smile Phillip x reader

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Bernese_writers5 By Bernese_writers5 Updated Dec 27, 2020

Philip Hamilton; a brave, strapping, young lad who was bound on making a name for himself. He was ready to swoop in and save a damsel in distress. But who could this damsel be? A far too smart mouthed woman for her own good? 

Philip was head over heels for Y/N at first sight. But Y/N on the other hand wasn't so lovey dovey when it came to Philip. Even the very idea of Philip going above and beyond just to get a glance from her was enough to make her stomach turn and her eyes roll.

But Philip had charm, she'll give him that. 

But will it be enough?

Will the fates a-line for them? Will you read it? I hope so!

( I don't own the cover, or people. Only the story line.) read! Please! Comment! Vote! Thank you! Number 1 in philipxreader!!!!!!! At one point...

(Hey, this book started out as a writing book experience for me to write and I can see it went well so far! Thank you all so much! This means a lot to me, truly.)

Started: September 20, 2018?
Finished: nah.

A very special thanks to @TheAtlanticSailor for making this cover for me!