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Perplexing Revelations

Perplexing Revelations

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Bella By XoBellaItalianaoX Updated Oct 20, 2013

When Bella gets ready to leave Forks, she gets a phone call from Peter who desperately needs her help. Jasper had a slip & is having trouble coping. Only Bella can bring him back to himself. During her stay, secrets get revealed and an adventure begins!

Yes, very insane. But, I don't think I've been tested yet. All of the doctors were too afraid to do so. I think a couple tried to escape by jumping out of the window. Mother got tired of paying the hospital bills so she just quit
Light her up up up
                              Light her up up up
                              Light her up up up
                              She's on FIRE
But... he's a vampire. So, not only do they sparkle, but
                              ... they purr??? I take back my last comment
                              Aww issa kitty with the head tilt
I just slaughtered a whole innocent family to
                              "The snack that smiles back,
Yes, please shake your finger at the snarling and dangerous vampire like he is a child. See how that works out for ya'
See, I've read the books and I've seen the movies and I don't mind Alice. I like get character. But, in this book thought, oooohhhh I would kill get myself as many times as I've read this book (which happens to be a lot actually because I have no social life and I feel in love but ok?)