The Alpha & His Nerd

The Alpha & His Nerd

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Unknown Shimmy ;P By lovingthelobster Updated Jul 07, 2014

“I might believe you but that doesn’t mean I need anything to do with a mean person like you!” I yelled.

“Mean person? Seriously, who taught you how to insult people? A goat?” He chuckled deeply.

“No! I just don’t normally have to insult people!”

“Am I your first?” He smirked at how erotic it sounded.

Yuuki Gibson, 16 years old and a damn nerd. What she lacked in height, she made up for in brains. Just as Yuuki is accepted into Ridgewood Academy, a school for the rich, believing she can escape the chaos of her family's expectations and ignorance, she is met with another obstacle.

Chase Cooper, the hottest guy she's ever seen, or as she calls him "Man Beauty". With his dark mysterious eyes and strong towering build, no one can resist his smouldering self. He also happens to be the Alpha of the The Midnight Shadow Pack, feared by all.

Yuuki knew there was something quite off about Chase, especially since her very presence had Chase scowl in least, that's what she thought. Maybe he was at battle with himself?
Yuuki avoided him...well, tried to but somehow they were pulled together making Yuuki cringe in fear from Chase's too familiar glare. 

Was it fate? Written in the stars?

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Carnyfe Carnyfe Aug 30, 2016
Oh my lord he is gorgeous and beautiful flawless copper skin!!!
TheOppaCollector TheOppaCollector Aug 16, 2015
Copper skin?ill imagine it light skin not much a fan of tan skin...hope u don't mind
NiniBlizzard02 NiniBlizzard02 Jul 05, 2014
@lovingthelobster lol I seriously think he is haha. great story though!!
lovingthelobster lovingthelobster Jul 04, 2014
@NiniBlizzard02 Lol, someone said earlier that they think Chase's bipolar :P
cephelia cephelia Aug 11, 2013
So I started reading the description and saw 'Merlin' and I flipped out! I love that show... ^-^ Anyways great first chapter.
penguchika127 penguchika127 Jul 25, 2013
I already love this book <3 Chemistry is my fave class!! <3 <3