Buoyant - A Number 5 story

Buoyant - A Number 5 story

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All credits to the creators, developers, editors and producers of TUA. I do not own anything except most of my characters lines, my character, their birth family and subplots that I throw in there which don't effect the main plot.


Number Eight is extraordinary, as the man who helped raise her Reginald Hargreeves would say. Everyone is extraordinary, but Rosalie was different. Not only was she not a Hargreeves but like the people she sees as her adoptive siblings, except for 7, she had powers, powers that are in-explainable by science. She was born with telekinesis, and later her body was forced to move more then psychically move objects with her find and develop manipulation of the elements around her, although she couldn't summon them herself. Mr Hargreeves tried to make sure that she pushed the limits of her power and especially didn't strike the surface. 'Aim higher number eight'. 

Almost 13 years after leaving her home, her and her siblings are summoned back to the place that they had tried to hard to run from and Rosalie is especially not impressed when she goes from almost 30 to 13. 

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I'm sorry I'm bad at this part. I'm not sexualising any characters by the way and it's possibly mature for language not anything else xxxx

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Book 1: Buoyant (Finished)
Book 2: Yet to be named (2020)