Generation X

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CyberPunks By CyberPunks Updated 3 years ago
The Corporation has created powerful weapons. Genetically-enhanced children, in fact. But when a group of children escapes from their prison, they find that their involvement in the world may be bigger then they realized. In a world of hovercrafts, acid rain and orange skies, will they even live as normal children--or was their destiny really to be assassins?
Science fiction is always very interesting for me, mainly because I suck ata writing it. You've built up a brilliant new world though and it's very intriguing how you've written it. I like how you say 'she' for the chapter as well, not giving a name makes it seem very mysterious. Good work!
This is so amazing! I really loved every part of this chapter, it was totally captivating. I love your writing style, and your characters and description are fantastic! I'll definitely be reading on! :D Voted!
I'm impressed. This is very entertaining and full of action, eh? This is a movie material if you'll ask me and has a great story line. I love your way of details. you stimulated my imaginative mind by the description you provided and I'm awestruck.. :D definitely adding to my RL. and VOTED :D
I love the way you reach out to your readers.. the boy thing really touched my heart. This is something not many writers can do. Your start is amazing and full of suspense. Im still wondering why would they want to kill the kid. Voted :)
i cried when she dropped the kid I CRIED. so so hard lol, I really like this type of stories and I loved that her name is .0015
                                    There are some awkward senteces, maybe you should try to re-edit them and it would be perfect :D
This was really well written. It was so sad that she dropped the kid. I think she tried to supress her groan should be changed to annoyance or something, it does not read well. Other than that it was an amazing read with a very unique plotline. Deserved my vote and can't wait to read on.