Simon Says ||nct|| ¡mafia au!

Simon Says ||nct|| ¡mafia au!

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너는 나의 보라색이야~ By jenoeffect Completed

"Now you listen to me; and you better listen real good."

"You'll do what I say, when I say it."

Kang Soojin, a plain Jane college student is drawn back to her "roots". Her best friend Minseol, who was previously missing for a month, contacts Soojin. Immediately after their reunion, Soojin is sucked into the gang life. Having little to no memories of her parents or childhood, Soojin must discover who she really is. She first meets Taeyong, whom was the first one to be promised to marry Soojin. However, she learns of Doyoung, a second man in which she was promised to. Along with finding her true identity, she must choose between the flirtatious and intimidating Taeyong, or the cute and gentle Doyoung.

Started: seventeenth of march, two thousand and nineteen-19.03.17

Ended: second of may, two thousand and nineteen-19.05.02

Not really gang heavy; just a love triangle with some tea.

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