Hero to Father

Hero to Father

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Taylor Fletcher By fletcher17 Updated Jun 27, 2019

Harry Potter left the British Magical Community (BMC) for the American Magical Community (AMC) ten years ago after a constant battle with himself and the others. Hermoine insisting they return to Hogwarts for their seventh/eighth year. Ron's occasional outburst at him for Charlie's death or insisting Harry get back with Ginny to make things normal. Mrs. Weasley stating "For now Harry dear, I think it best you don't come to the burrow."

*beginning of something of fluff and/or smut*

**smutt that becomes or is close to BDSM.**

***smutt that borderlines rape or is rape***


Underline italics=time change/jump.

M-preg., post-war, Snape alive, Fred alive, Charlie dead, Dumbledore dead, Mcgonagall headmistress.