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My Mate Rejected Me?

My Mate Rejected Me?

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DarkPrincess538 By DarkPrincess538 Updated Nov 08, 2016

I'm Max Sky Storm. I'm a werewolf with pure white fur. My parents are the luna and alpha of the Thunder pack. When I I shifted my parent told me to never shift in front of no one but I don't  why. I'm soon to be luna but I need my mate there the problem my mate rejected me in first sight I ran away with my best friend and returned. He doesn't know what's coming after him.
Hunter Grey, player of the school, bad boy too, also soon to be alpha in the Blue moon pack. He was him self until he bumped into Max Sky Storm he rejected her of course. He regretted it for 6 months until her return every thing change she had more curves, better confidence and well beauty. Now he wants her back. Just gonna be a little hard for him to get her back.

E_lizzie_7890 E_lizzie_7890 Aug 31, 2016
1) glasses aren't bad at all if you have the right frames 
                              2) pretty sure dressing like a whore is not an improvement 
                              3) you're really immature and just plain stupid  if you think dumbing yourself down and misbehaving will get you anywhere
ayesha335 ayesha335 Sep 24, 2016
So basically she turned into a slut, sang in front of the whole school and then called him baby? Yeah can really see how much he regrets it
Kiss_Diz Kiss_Diz May 19, 2016
That doesn't  not make you a nerd because I do all of those things and more and still get good grades🌚🌚
ayesha335 ayesha335 Sep 24, 2016
I hate it when people who wear glasses or are smart are labelled as a 'nerd'. It's not geeky it's called having bad eyesight and actually wanting to be something in life other than a prostitute
theRomanceGeek theRomanceGeek Jun 02, 2016
She didn't just seriously sing I front of everyone. Okay um...well I'm best friends with reality. I
                              You should meet him someday he's smoking hot😉😂na jks. I think you're going alittle thou😐
_livingthegeminilife _livingthegeminilife Dec 24, 2016
In all honesty those songs could send the wrong message and he might think she is begging for him to take her back