A School For Unprivileged Kids (ciel x reader) AU

A School For Unprivileged Kids (ciel x reader) AU

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read the first part it should explain enough 

black butler x ouran high school host club 

- ash

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Dude i remember ayato from diabolik lovers who call himself ore-sama (yours truly )
I literally just ate a chocolate cake before reading that line
"I don't drink"
                              "yes you do miss."
                              *hiding whiskey under table*
Don't be surprise I'm thirteen but i sometimes drink alcohol is it bad P's i don't have addiction i just drink them bruh
a marchioness is a marquee's widowed wife or wife. You're saying we are married? or used to be? I thought we were thirteen. no offence
My mom calls me sweetness...ikd y tho...my heart has been broken so many times that Im bitter,and completly cracked.